Epoxy Resin Table

Contemporary Handmade Epoxy Resin Table With Steel Bottom(28″), Bench Legs (16″) – (Group of 2)

Dining Table Made From Epoxy Resin | Blue River Design | Materials: Epoxy Resin, Metal, Walnut | H:29inches, W: 78inches, D:39 inches


Epoxy Bench made from olive wood, iron leg, colored pigments, and epoxy resin | H:17inches, W: 28inches, D:14 inches

Table Top Epoxy Resin + Epoxy Hardener | ProMarine supplies | 1 Gallon | Designed specifically for Table Top Use

Hexagonal Epoxy Resin Table | Blue River Style | H:20inches, W: 45inches, D:25 inches

Ultra Black Galaxy Epoxy Resin Tabletop | Size: 30 Inches (Circular)